Wednesday, April 4, 2007

XPe tip #14: The best command line ever

While googling for some API call info I recently hit one website - NirSoft - that had a lot of nice tools and source code very useful for hacking and etc. We all know that we often have to do reverse engineering on embedded in order to understand, use or fix some system components functionality.

I am not going to talk about all the tools on that website but just one that made my day - NirCmd. Note: it is freeware! So much functionality in just one relatively small utility.

I have written myself tons of tools and utilities for embedded, even merged some of them. But never had so many functions implemented in one command line application.

The function I personally loved is - changing display settings on the fly. You just pass in the resolution and bit rate and you are done. Best of all, in some intermittent version they added refresh rate parameter.

Comment: the tool works great on Vista as well. This makes my life on Vista MCE much easier. Basically I can play with any TV (SD, HD, etc.) and have no wear the resolution rate is not supported or, on embedded, having no way to fix resolution problems without Display Control Panel applet included in the image.

Another tools that may be useful in changing screen resolutions and, more important, screen refresh rate is ChRes.exe. This utility is much simpler and all it does is calling to ChangeDisplaySettingsEx API. More about this tool you can find here.


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