Saturday, March 24, 2007

XPe tip #1: Dependencies

XPe tip #1:

With XPe development you always fight with dependencies, don't you?
So, what are the tools you can have that may help you on the dependency exploring adventure?

Obviously, Dependency Walker. You got to love the Profiling feature of that tool. It is basically all your need to get the knowledge of static and dynamic dependencies of an app or driver or system component. (now just part of Microsoft) gives you the best tools ever created for Windows Operating systems. These must be a part of Windows Resource Kits, however the sysinternals tools evolve fast and changed often. Here is a few of them that are the most useful for XPe devs:
Process Monitor
Registry Monitor (aka Regmon)
File Monitor (aka Filemon)
Disk Monitor (aka Diskmon)
Process Explorer

And many, many others.

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