Monday, March 26, 2007

XPProEmulation update: "ghost" Kenel-FP1 and CompactPCI stack

Thanks to Jimt, a couple of issues were found, identified and fixed in the XPProEmulation image.

The main issue was that a weird "Kenel-FP1" component was appearing in TD during dependency check for those who used XPProEmulation project for FP2007. The strangest thing was that myself I couldn't reproduce the issue, although I did see that component mentioned in the SLX when I did a binary unicode search in the file.

After some investigation it appeared that most likely it was me who played too much with CTP1 and CTP2 versions of FP2007 and accidentally brought in and left the R3300 version of the "1394 Kernel Debugger Support Library" component that was dependent on the "ghost" Kenel-FP1 component. Well, truly speaking, it is the TD auto-upgrader who couldn't really downgrade that component when I went from CTPx to RTM of FP2007, but obviously I am responsible for any bug in XPProEmulation anyway :-)

Anyway, I've fixed the Kenel-FP1 issue and uploaded the updated version of the SLX on

Long time ago I had to make a decision to include CompactPCI stack solely due to the reason that the "CompactPCI Hot Swap Support" is a "software" component and I wanted to include it into the project. This component, however, requires some hardware related stuff ("Generic CompactPCI Chassis" and "Generic CompactPCI CPU board" components) and I resolved them to minimize the effort and build errors for the devs who're going to mess around the XPProEmulation.
Quite frankly, so far I haven't seen a need for the CompactPCI stack being included so I am changing my mind now and moving that stack out the project. The latest updated SLX on has all three components disabled.
The readme.txt, updated with the project, reflects all the changes.

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