Saturday, March 24, 2007

XPe tip #2: Dependencies (round 2)

XPe tip #2:

Let me continue about the "dependency tools"...

We all know that currently there is nothing provided by Microsoft that is built in the XP Embedded Toolkit that will help you exploring dependencies of particular components. Well, there is now (FP2007) XPECMD but it is way too far from being a perfect way since you got to use heavy graphic development tools like Target Designer and you don't really want to switch back to command line just to take a sniff of the stack of particular component.

Long time ago I came up with the nice (yes, I still consider it nice) package - XPeTools - that include some dependency exploring functionality to extend TD in a way. The first version I did was for done for XPe RTM. But since then I've been working on it - fixing bugs and adding some new functionality - for last couple years.
Take a look at the DependencyExplorer component of the XPeTools package on

Also, don't forget to glance at the ConfigurationExplorer component from the same package. There is probably no analogs from MS and other MVP. It basically allows you to explore dependencies of components included in the current config. You will notice it shows dependencies - list of components - that are only included in the current config.

PS. XpeTools component scripts are encrypted so it makes it harder to reverse engineer the techniques I used there.

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